Lin San Temple

Freehold Columbarium

Lin San Temple

Lin San Temple Located at Lorong 12, Geylang, Singapore. It is close to the center of Singapore and has convenient transportation.

Lin San Temple combines Feng Shui and modern design to provide customer with a comfortable, tranquil and elegant fully air-conditioned environment.

The most important thing is that Lin San Temple has a FREEHOLD title that is rare in Singapore. Lin San Temple also provides exquisitely designed columbarium niches and ancestral tablets for customers to pre-order.


Comfortable, quiet and elegant environment


Spacious and solemn hall


A columbarium combining Feng Shui and modern design


The exquisitely designed and solemn hall of the ancestral tablets

Why choose Lin San Temple?


For the rare freehold Buddhist temple in Singapore, in the future, there is no need to worry about the relocation or renewal of the lease contract, so that the ancestors can rest in peace.

Location advantage

Lin San Temple is located in Geylang, the city center of Singapore. The transportation is very convenient. It is a 12-minute walk to Aljunied MRT and is accessible by many buses.

Pre-order offers

Lin SanTemple columbarium niche and ancestral tablet can be purchased by customers in advance. Plan ahead for yourself and your family. You can enjoy pre-order discount and protect against inflation.

0% interest installment

Lin San Temple provides 0% interest installments for up to 48 months. So that customers can easily help themselves or their family members to plan ahead.

2024 Feb New Launch Promotion


Lin San Temple new launch freehold columbarium niche suite IMPERIAL 3 . The main door panel of this room will be designed with the statue of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. The white and rose gold design makes people feel comfortable and peaceful.

✅The new launched IMPERIAL 3 double niche offer a discount of up to $11,500 

✅Pay 20% downpayment will get discount $10000 

✅Pay 100% fullpayment will get discount $11000 (additioanal $1000 discount)

$500 voucher discount

✅Purchase IMPERIAL 3 Double Niche, you will get a top-quality Poppy Jade Urn worth up to $12,000 for free

✅Purchase IMPERIAL 3 Double Niche, you will get a free gold bowl (while stocks last)

lin san temple free urn-灵山寺新加坡免费骨灰瓮

Dynasty 1 & 3 Columbarium Niche  (Feb Promotion )

-$500 voucher discount

-If you have the ability to give more FULLPAYMENT, you will get an additional $1000 discount (only for double niche)

-If purchase together with ancestral tablet ,you will get an additional 15% discount (Bundle Promotion) .

-Purchase double niche will FREE two beeswax glass urns worth up to $5776.

-Purchase Dynasty 1 & 3 Double Niche, you will get a free gold bowl (while stocks last)


Dynasty 2 Ancestral Tablet ( Feb Promotion )

-$500 voucher discount

-If you have the ability to give FULLPAYMENT, you will get an additional $500 discount.

-If purchase together with double niche (Dynasty 1 & 3 or Imperial 3), you will get an additional 15% discount (Bundle Promotion) .

-Purchase Dynasty 2 ancestral tablet, you will get a free gold bowl (while stocks last)


Dynasty 2 (ancestral tablet room) and Dynasty 3 (columbarium niche room) are already launch to customers for pre-order in May 2021, while Dynasty 1 (columbarium niche room) is launch to customers for pre-order in June 2022.

lin san temple niche sample-灵山寺骨灰位样本
lin san temple ancestral tablet sample-灵山寺神主牌样本

What are the special merits of making offerings to the Little Buddha?

1. Anyone who believes in Buddhism and worships Buddhas and Bodhisattvas can receive compassionate blessings and protection, and have immeasurable and perfect merits.

2. For those who believe in Buddhism, if they worship Buddha and Bodhisattva, they can eliminate karmic obstacles in the past life, bring good luck to life, work, career, etc., and also bring peace and happiness to individuals and families.

3. Worshiping Buddhas and Bodhisattvas can make it more convenient and better to communicate with Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. When you encounter confusion or disaster, you can turn danger into safety and bring you peace.

4. If you worship Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, your home will get a harmonious and auspicious atmosphere, help you avoid evil spirits, be full of righteousness and the aura of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas (Buddhist breath, aura), and bring you good luck, blessings, and good wealth. Your family will be prosperous and prosperous from generation to generation.

You can make offerings to the Little Buddha at Lin San Temple now.

👉3 years = $1635 (can be placed for 2 names or 2 families)

👉10 years = $3270 (can accommodate 2 names or 2 families)

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